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Beijing high-end hotel market growth

Date: 2017-01-12

The latest research report, so far, Beijing kept the high-end hotel market growth.Jones lang lasalle 12 research report released by the continued growth of business and tourism demand and meeting the market recovery, prompted in November 2016, Beijing high-end hotel market rents rose by 4.6%, 71.4%.Strong demand to accelerate new supply digestion, make hotel rooms kept the earnings growth.To significantly reduce the price in quantity phenomenon, demand sensitivity to price is reduced, and elevated the hotel quality requirement.Five new high-end hotel Beijing in 2016, a total of 1479 rooms into the market.The Beijing municipal government strict control for urban commercial project made city hotel project development speed slow.Compared with 26 new expected in Shanghai, Beijing 2017 will only have 9 the high-end hotels opened in the home, is expected to add 2204 rooms.Medium to long term, and also compared the development of the city, Shanghai and chengdu, Beijing hotel development speed is slow.

At the same time, the investor interest in China's major cities is good hotel assets more strong.According to Jones lang lasalle in January 2016 to October, China hotel during turnover of 4.1 billion yuan.The attention of the international private equity firms in China hotel assets rise, and located in prime locations in Beijing, good operating performance good hotel assets.Market transparency is relatively high and strong liquidity investors favor first-tier cities.At the same time, the improvement of hotel operating performance, such as the increase of the number of the tourists make Beijing become a focus of investors.

Report predicts that traffic facilities in 2017 continue to upgrade and the rapid development of tourist facilities will help Beijing hotel market.Universal studios is getting ready for the opening of the 2020 and 2022 the beijing-zhangjiakou winter Olympic Games to promote urban infrastructure to further improve.The high-speed train from Beijing to zhangjiakou is currently active construction, at the same time, two fast track construction of Beijing and the surrounding tourist destinations, such as the worship ceremony, yanqing and qinhuangdao further clear on the increase."In short, these projects will promote the advance of beijing-tianjin-hebei region coordinated development of tourism, at the same time also will produce considerable accommodation requirements," Jones lang lasalle officials said, "Beijing will continue to improve market performance."